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Schoune Farm Brewery's History


The Schoune Farm Brewery is a family business that takes its name from Belgian origins.



Since his beginnings, the owner, Patrice Schoune has creates more than thirty beers, some of which were medal winners at major international competitions.



Brimming creativity and discovery, the Schoune Brewery invites you to taste its limited editions.


From a long line of Belgian farmers and second generation established in Canada, Patrice Schoune took over the responsibility of cereal in 1990 just after finishing his studies as agronomist at McGill University, Montreal.

A lifelong beer world passionated, Patrice Schoune pursues at the same time a brewing training at the St-Hyacinthe Institute, Quebec, a knowledge he will continue to improve and perfect through the years while regularly participating to trainings at the very renowned Siebel Institute of Chicago.  This love for the beers comes in legacy from his Belgian roots and from his family once owner of the Schoune Brewery in Aywaille near Liege.



In 1996, he decides to combine his cereal farm activity with these of brewery respecting thus the Belgian Farm Brewery secular tradition. He therefore imports this concept to Canada:  Americas first Farm Brewery is born.

His beer recipes naturally use in their vast majority products directly issued from his farm (barley, wheat, oat and hop).Patrice reestablished the ancient technique of floormatting to create his malt out of his own barely production. In 2002, he reintroduced the Fuggle hop which had disappeared since the 40’s in Canada and is now integrated in his recipes. These elements are part of the uniqueness of the Farm Brewery Schoune.


The Farm Brewery Schoune specializes in Belgian beer. As soon as  1998, its Belge and Reb’ale respectively won the golden and bronze medals at the Chicago’s World Beer Championships rewarding Patrice’s unique flavours creator talent. These were followed by many others.


In 2011 Patrice Schoune has been inducted in the d’Orval Brewery Brotherhood (Confrérie les sossons d’Orvaulx), rare distinction and granted to very few North Americans. 


In 2012 Patrice Schoune graduates as beer sommelier at the very recognized Siebel Institut (Doemens Akademie, Munichand) and finishes major of his promotion.


In 2013, it is the turn of the Jenlain beers Brotherhood to welcome Patrice Schoune among them. Also in 2013, he participates in Munich to the 3rd Beer Sommeliers World Championship finishes is the first to.


Today still very attached to the flavours and tastes excellence and the love of the product from its conception up to its production and finally distribution of his artisanal beers, the 300 hectares Farm Brewery Schoune is a regional as well world reference for the quality and originality of its products. 


In addition to his Farm Brewery activity, Patrice is regularly approached for consulting projects by start-up breweries or breweries looking for new recipes and techniques.He recently involved himself personally in the launch and beer creation of the Cervecería Cinco de Mayo in Mexico.


Farm Brewery Schoune exports under the name of O’Canada.


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